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SitePro revolutionizes your web browsing experience by allowing you to integrate AI chatbot technology directly into any website.

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Free up time and improve productivity by letting AI search the web for you

Instant chat

Say goodbye to endless searching and make your online experience smoother with SitePro. Train your custom chatbot on any website with just a few clicks. Simply download the extension, create a chatbot, and start interacting with the website effortlessly..

Gather links

Tired of browsing endlessly for that one piece of information? With SitePro, you can now collect links from the website you visit. Search and select the links relevant to your needs and start chatting..

Recent chats

Recent chats are saved in your dashboard. Come back to your chatbots whenever you want.

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Plans & pricing

Choose the plan that suits your needs, cancel anytime.



Create upto 5 chats

Gather links from any website

20K tokens

~ 20+ messages



Create upto 20 chats

Persistant chat history

Gather links from any website

500K tokens

~ 500+ messages



Unlimited chats

Persistant chat history

Gather links on any website

1000K tokens

~ 1000+ messages


What is SitePro?
SitePro is a browser extension which allows you to create a chatbot on any website instantly.
Can I use SitePro for free?
Absolutely! We offer a free plan allows you to create upto 5 chatbots with 20K total tokens
How does your pricing work?
Our prices start at just $6.99 per month, with no commitment required.
How can I upgrade my plan?
Click your avatar on the widget and choose 'Pricing & plans' from the menu. Select the plan that suits your needs and payout securely.
How will I know how many tokens I’ve used each month?
Click your avatar on the widget and choose 'View account' from the menu to view your token consumption.
Can I create chatbots on multiple webpages?
Yes, you can select 'Choose links to chat with' option which allows you to select the pages of your choice on the website before creating a chatbot

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